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Transformative, Interactive Digital Learning and Virtual Training

Entrepreneurship is a skillset, and a mindset. Understanding entrepreneurship can transform the way you think about and go about business.

Rainmaking’s Digital Learning and Virtual Training introduces and supports the core skills and methodologies needed to test new businesses ideas and can help transform the conversation around innovation across your organisation.

Virtual Training – the personal touch, at scale

We have taken our years of experience with in-person training and coaching of corporate teams and turned it into a range of virtual training options to help scale training across your organisation, globally. Our training and coaching has helped corporates identify and implement ideas that optimise and strengthen existing businesses, all the way through to launching new business models.

 Digital Learning – Scalable and Sustainable

Our content can be shaped into bespoke courses to suit specific needs, or offered on a self-serve basis for independent learning. We currently offer 20 modules, each led by one of our world-class startup coaches.

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About us

A programme delivered by Rainmaking, the creator of Startupbootcamp

Rainmaking is a venture builder and innovation consultancy assisting large corporates in their innovation strategy, startup engagements, venture building and internal innovation efforts. Startupbootcamp, one of Rainmaking’s ventures, supports early-stage tech founders to rapidly scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.